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Let this blog help you to expand your knowledge on locks and keys so that you can enjoy even higher security at all times. It covers a wide array of topics which are of major importance in the locksmith industry. It is easy to make decisions when you are equipped with valuable information.


We specialize in unlocking vehicle, residential and commercial locks

Chip Car Keys Explained

You can learn exactly what chip keys are and how they work to open cars here. Join us as we explain the benefits these electronic devices can offer their car owners.

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Why Your Business Needs To Know a Locksmith

If you run a business that relies heavily on its locks and security, you’ll want to consider this collection of reasons to have a locksmith in place for when things go wrong

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How to Fit Dead Locks

This post details a series of simple procedures for correctly installing dead bolts, locksets, and related accessories on a property.

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Managing Key Entry Units

This is a brief overview of how key entry units on different doors are secured, managed and maintained over time.

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