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Managing Key Entry Units

06/26/2015 Back To Blog

The practice of installing keyed entry units including handle sets has become very popular in the last ten years. Normally these are cylindrical in shape and are placed on the exterior for aesthetic purposes. One of the alternatives that locksmith Chicago has considered over the years is that of the lever door knob units. They are shaped like a swan’s neck so the door can be opened in a smooth transition. The dead bolt is then added to complete the security loop. It is advisable to have the bolt and lock interconnected. Quite simply this means that the door can be opened or locked in one movement, an invaluable feature during emergencies. From time to time all these things must be checked to ensure that they are functioning as originally intended.Managing Key Entry Units


Using and Changing Locks


The things that one must consider is extensive. First is the rating; A grade 2 is recommended as the medium. Grade 1 saves money but can compromise functionality. Grade 3 is only used for lock changes on very sensitive commercial buildings. The latch bolt must be constructed in such a way as to be dead-locking. There is normally a small rod that sits next to the strike. It will be protruding and can be seen from the doorjamb. The construction is set out in such a way as to prevent jamming. A similar principle is used for dealing with car lockout incidences. Sometimes there is an emergency feature which will allow the user to open or close the door freely even when locked. Moreover, the electronic doors have separate arrangements for automated opening and closing. The disadvantage is that if the mechanics are no longer functional then it becomes difficult to operate the entry.


A number of enhancements are possible including the dual torque springs. They are very good for removing the possibility of the doorknob sagging. During the rekey process, the state of the housing should also be checked. A circular collar that sits flush on the door acts like a protective shroud for the locking mechanism. The trunk opening is not often used but must be included in the installation just in case of need. The emphasis is on firmness, durability, and practicability. Sometimes, this means the superficial aesthetics of the door are overlooked just so the property is secure. Finally, all the metal parts will require lubrication unless they are otherwise galvanized.

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