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If you are looking for effective and reliable tips on door locks and keys, you have come to the right place. This page offers detailed advice on different topics in the locksmith field. All of the suggestions are simple to understand and quite easy to follow so you will certainly make full use of them.

Safe installation is what we offer to stores and establishments

Slow down burglars

Burglars want to get in and out of properties as soon as possible. Average intrusions don't last more than a few minutes. Intruders don't like spending time trying to figure out how to break-in. You can discourage them or simply slow them down by installing durable deadbolts and high security systems. Our specialists also suggest illuminating all exterior parts of the house and installing cameras at all entry points. By slowing burglars down, you will simply gain time to call the police. In most cases, intruders won't even bother with your locks and will move on to their next targeted house.

Make a few key duplicates

Lockouts usually happen due to broken or lost keys. They also happen because people forget to get their keys or simply get the wrong keys with them. If you keep a key duplicate in your purse, you will be able to avoid house lockout. It's important to keep duplicates of all properties, including the office, business briefcase and your car. It's best to keep them in a separate place than the original key. If the original key is stolen, you will find the extra one in another pocket or in a different part in your bag. Stolen keys will drive you in rekeying the door locks, but at least you won't wait out of your property.

Pay attention to the strike plate when getting a new look

This is the component that is installed on the door jamb. It is known for being more vulnerable to attacks compared to other parts of the lockset such as the plug. That is why it is a good idea to opt for a reinforced strike plate, which is made of heavy-duty metal and has 3-inch screws, when getting a new lock installed.

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