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How to Fit Dead Locks

06/26/2015 Back To Blog

The first step is to position the template according to the instructions. For auto lockouts, the process must also cater to electronics. The vast majority of door knobs are positioned anywhere between thirty four and thirty eight inches high. For dead bolts, the distances are between six and twelve inches right above the knob. Therefore, the standard office settings for the bolt will be anywhere between forty and sixty inches from the knob. Obviously, the higher installations will appear awkward if the overall door frame is small. The trick is to find the height that is most comfortable.How to Fit Dead Locks


Drilling New Holes for Keys


The manufacturer’s template must be in place at all times as the guide. In reality the lockset is centered. It is only the height that changes according to the descriptions above. Normally the readings will apply for both residential lock changes and any other commercial work. Another determination is the backset. This is the distance between the door edge and the centerline of the knob. Standard backsets can be about 2.375 and 2.25. Most of the apartment locksets can actually accommodate both readings. One eighth of an inch pilot holes are drilled in the center of the door using a 2.25 hole saw.  On the edge the drill is two inches. This is where the bolt or strike rests. The face must be drilled and the jamb marked.  It is advisable for the drill to have a torpedo or bubble level which is customarily taped on the top point. Halfway drills are made on each side, a critical step for preventing blowout splintering.  


Once the door is closed, the doorjamb for the strike plate is marked. A nail is inserted and pushed through. The nail mark is used as an indicator. The hole for the dead bolt is just one inch. However, it is important to note that the spade bit varies for different rekey processes and structures. Both the door edge and jamb need to be carefully chiseled. Utility knives help to score the outline of the latch assembly accurately. Wood chippings should be removed at 0.25 inch intervals. This allows the strike box to fit flush on the edge. Likewise, the cylindrical lock and handle should be fitted in such a way that both the tailpiece and spindle are in perfect alignment with the strike assembly. As a precaution, exposed screw heads should only be on the interior.

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